Cosaquitos en Globo (‘Little Cossacks in Ballon’) is an Argentine electropop/synthwave act formed by Maru Pardo Saguier [vocals] and Sebastian Cordoves [synths/programming].

Since their beginning in 2004, they have stood out for their very personal sound with a strong electro orientation -supported by the fact that Sebastian builds his own synthesizers- in addition to Maru's vibrant vocals and her filmic and self reflexive lyrics.

Their songs, with strong melodies, are built around synthetic sound and dance grooves, keeping an energy often more associated to rock than electronic music.

Already from their beginning, they caught the attention of different labels, such as Alerta Discos, owned by Zeta Bosio [ex Soda Stereo] which included some of their songs into 'La Noche' compilation, as well as other Latin American Labels like La Oreja [Chile], Isaac Junkie Records [Mexico] and Black Leather Records [Colombia], in addition to the releases published by two Argentine labels with international projection like Eternal Sunday and Dirty Noise Records, as well as Belgian electro label Alfa Matrix, which included one their songs into ‘Absolute Grrrl’s Manifiesto’ compilation, UK’s Electro London Records, which included another of their songs into ‘Synth Wave Vol. 1’ vinyl compilation; and more recently, one of the songs of ‘Humanum’ -their latest album- has been included into UK’s Aztec Records compilation, which collects some of the best synthwave acts around the globe.

In 2005 they began their live presentations in different pubs and clubs of Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Uruguay, within the context of parties and events and several festivals such as One Dot Zero, Codigo Pais, Noviembre Electronico and Fuga.

They undertook two European tours: the first one in 2011, playing at venues like Superkronik [Leipzig], King Kong Klub and CCCP Club [Berlin], Catwalk Club [Barcelona] and Poptimistic [London].

Their second Euro Tour, which took place between April and May, 2015, led them to play at clubs like  Konzulát, Madame Claude, Brunnen 70, Loophole and Kaffee Burger [Berlin] y Sala Siroco [Madrid].

Their live shows are characterized by their energy on stage and Maru's solid vocal performance, without losing the tidiness of the sound and the care for the details.


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