November, 2nd Show @ Teatro Gregorio Laferrere - [Moron]

September, 15th Show @ Marquee Session Live - [Buenos Aires]

August, 3rd Show @ Palacio Buenos Aires (live streaming radio show)

July, 6th Show @ Teatro Gregorio Laferrere - [Moron]

Junie, 9th Show @ Neon Waves / Kirie Music Club - [Buenos Aires]

April, 27th Pure Synthwave Vol I featuring major synthwave artists from around the world including our song 'Cruzando el Puente' is out by Aztec Records (UK).

March, 3rd Show @ Karma (Connection Abstract live streaming)

February, 09th Show @  Teorema Festival - [Buenos Aires]

January, 04th Show @  Kirie Music Club - [Buenos Aires]


December, 23rd Show @ Club Araoz - [Buenos Aires]

December, 3rd Show @ Fuga Jurasica - [Buenos Aires]

November, 4th Show @ Casa Maza - [Buenos Aires]

October, 26th HUMANUM live presentation @  Kirie Music Club - [Buenos Aires]

August, 31st HUMANUM -our 4th album- is out!

June, 21th Show @  Centro Cultural Kirchner - [Buenos Aires]

March, 24th Show @  DOM - [Quilmes]





December, 17th Show @ La Cigale - [Buenos Aires]

November, 11th Show @ Detroit Yuppies Bar - [Quilmes]

November, 5th Show @ Noviembre Electronico Festival / Centro Cultural San Martin - [Buenos Aires]

October, 8th Show @ Kirie Music Club - [Buenos Aires]

October, 1st Show @ Sotano Beat / Centro Cultural San Martin - [Buenos Aires]

August, 25th Show + interview @ Telara#as Radio Show

August, 18th Show @ Pop al Rojas - Centro Cultural Rojas - [Buenos Aires]

June, 25 Show @ Secuencias - Escuela Sonica - [Buenos Aires]

June, 10th Show @ Detroit Yuppies Bar - [Quilmes]

June, 10th 'Synth Wave Vol. 1' BRITISH compilation including our song 'Fantasy' is released

May, 14th Show @ Requiem Club - [Buenos Aires]

May, 6th Show @ Kirie Music Club - [Buenos Aires]

April, 6th Show @ Detroit at Yuppies Bar - [Quilmes, Buenos Aires]

April, 2nd Show @ La Cigale - [Buenos Aires]

January - Electrozombies GERMAN compilation including our song 'Lost in This World' is released

December, 26th Show @ La Cigale - [Buenos Aires]

December, 12th Show @ Nuevo Emergente - [Buenos Aires]

November, 14th Show @ Anfiteatro parque Centenario - [Buenos Aires]

November, 25th Show @ Club Cultural Matienzo - [Buenos Aires]

November, 14th Show @ Noviembre Electronico - CC San Martin - [Buenos Aires]

October, 3rd Show @ Music Non Stop - Fusion Bar - [Buenos Aires]

September, 20th Show @ Show + 'Lost in this World' videoclip premiere at Fuga Industrial Festival - [Buenos Aires]

September, 11th Show @ Cassette - [Buenos Aires]

August, 25th Show @ Ensayos Abiertos en Prana  - [Buenos Aires]

July, 25th Show @ 10 Years! - Sotano Beat CCG San Martin - [Buenos Aires]

July, 10th Show @ Extended at The Shannon [Montevideo, URUGUAY]

May, 29th EUROTOUR 2015 - Show @ Sala Siroco [Madrid, SPAIN] / Eclectic Fridays

May, 24th EUROTOUR 2015 - Show @ Kaffee Burger [Berlin, GERMANY]

May, 22nd EUROTOUR 2015 - Show @ Konzulat [Berlin, GERMANY]

May, 16th EUROTOUR 2015 - Show @ Madame Claude [Berlin, GERMANY]

May, 2nd EUROTOUR 2015 - Show @ Brunnen 70 [Berlin, GERMANY]

April, 30th EUROTOUR 2015 - Show @ Loophole [Berlin, GERMANY]

April, 09th - Show @ ADSR at El Emergente [Buenos Aires]

March, 26th - Show @ Fuga at La Cigale [Buenos Aires]

March, 14th - Show @ Casa Animal [La Plata]

March, 7th - Show @ Plastic Beach at/Templo Enfermo [Buenos Aires]

February, 14th - Show @ Casa Animal [La Plata]


December, 14th - Show @ Centro Cultural Borges [Buenos Aires]

December, 12th - Show @ Trazos Sonoros [Buenos Aires]

November, 29th - Show @ Espacio 37 [Buenos Aires]

November, 27th - Show @ El Podesta [Buenos Aires]

November, 22nd - Show @ Noviembre Electronico C. C. Gral. San Martin [Buenos Aires]

October, 25th - Show @ Espacio Metanoia

october, 12th - 'Fuga POP' compilation  including our song 'Domino' is released

September, 27th - Show @ Sotano Beat - CCG San Martin [Buenos Aires]

September, 30th - 'Domino EP' is released

September, 20th - Show @ Bs. As. Electronic Arts Department [Buenos Aires]

September, 13th - Show @ Kirie Music Club [Buenos Aires]

September, 12th - Show @ Trazos Sonoros [Buenos Aires]

August, 31st - Show @ Circo Electrico/Arte Joven Festival [La Plata]

August, 14th - 'SENI Vol. 6' compilation (Peru)  including our song 'Domino' is released

August, 9th - Show @ Bastard Party [Buenos Aires]

July 26th - Show @ 4SIM3TRICOS album live presentation [Buenos Aires]

July, 5th - Show @ Cyberpunk Day Celebration  [online broadcast]

June, 24th - Show @ Roxy Live, opening act for DE/VISION [Buenos Aires]

June, 21st - Show @ Espacio Metanoia [Buenos Aires]

June, 14th - Show @ Collage Sonore [Uruguay]

June, 6th - Cyberpunk Neo compilation including our song 'Tras de Mi'  is released

June, 4th -  4toCircuito releases ASIMETRICOS, our 3rd album

May, 22nd - Show @ Busquedas Sonoras CCEBA [Buenos Aires]

May, 17th - Show @ Delorean [Buenos Aires]

May, 9th - Show @ Vs. [Buenos Aires]

April, 30th - Show @ Ectoplasma [La Plata]

April, 26th - Show @ F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D. [Buenos Aires]

March, 16th - Show @ Fuga Industrial Festival [Buenos Aires]

December, 13th - Show @ POP Oeste - [Buenos Aires]

November, 2nd - Show @ Espacio37 - [Buenos Aires]

October, 13th - Show @ Ectoplasma - El Moura - [La Plata]

October, 5th - Show @ Salon Pueyrredon - [Buenos Aires]

September, 25th - Show @ Fiesta Jolie - [Buenos Aires]

September, 13th - Show @ La Cupula - [Cordoba]

September, 12th - Show @ Casa Babylon - [Cordoba]

September, 11th - Show @ Rock Me Black Sheep - [Cordoba]

July, 15th - MGZN-E compilation (Chile) is released, including our song 'Dominarte'

July, 1st - Tecno Melodias Biomecanicas compilation is released, including our song 'Rejected'

July, 7th - Show @ Circo Electrico - Club V - [Buenos Aires]

May, 25th - Show @ Salon Pueyrredon [Buenos Aires]

May, 18th - Show @ Ectoplasma - Pura Vida Bar - [La Plata]

May, 17th - Show @ Buda Bar [Buenos Aires]

May, 4th - Show @ La Capilla [Buenos Aires]

April, 12th - Argentine electro blog 4toCircuito launched '4toCircuito - Vol. I' compilation including one of our songs, 'Dominarte'

February, 27th - ALFA MATRIX's 'Absolute Grrrl's Manifiesto' compilation is released, including one of our songs, 'Out of presence'

February - Working on our next album


December, 28th - Show @ La Cigale [Buenos Aires]

December, 22nd - Show @ Fiesta Indigna [Buenos Aires]

December, 20th - Show @ Zafra [Buenos Aires]

December, 8th - Show @ Gier [Buenos Aires]

December, 1st - Show @ Aerosol Fest [La Plata]

November, 23rd - Show @ Noches de la Nueva Ola at Naranja Verde [Buenos Aires]

October, 29th - Show @ Fiesta Vagabundo [Buenos Aires]

October, 27th - Show @ Aerosol Fest [La Plata]

October, 18th - Show @ Fiesta Indignx [Buenos Aires]

October, 11th - Show @ Noches de la Nueva Ola at El Especial [Buenos Aires]

October - Interview @ Headliners Mag Vol 12 [AR]

September, 23rd - Show @ Cultura Rainbow at Pura Vida [La Plata]

September, 21st - Show @ Snack Fetsival [Buenos Aires]

September, 15th - Show @ Trazos Sonoros [Buenos Aires]

September, 5thInterview + Mini Show @ Mondongo de Angeles [Radio Zonica]

September, 4th Interview @ Moochila [Radio Colmena]

September, 2nd Cosaquitos en Globo special @ El Subte Radio [Entre Rios - AR]

September, 1st - Review @ Sono [Colombia]

August, 31stShow @ Don Telmo [Buenos Aires]

August, 3rdShow @ Belle Epoque Club [Cordoba]

July, 20thShow @ El Quetzal [Buenos Aires]

July, 7thShow @ Ciclo MUN Discos [Buenos Aires]

May, 19th - Show @ RAINBOW party at Casa del Pueblo [La Plata]

April, 30thInterview @ 4toCircuito via Ectoplasma [AR]

April, 20thShow @ ECTOPLASMA party at Casa Antigua [La Plata]

April, 6thShow @ La Cigale [Buenos Aires]

March, 8thShow @ ECTOPLASMA party at Pura Vida [La Plata]


December,22ndShow @ Prana

December,15thShow @ Plasma

October, 28thShow @ SUONO Festival

October,1stShow @ Fiesta B!

September - Interview @ After Hours in Tokio [AR]

September, 2ndShow @ La Roxtar [The Roxy Live]

August, 1stShow @ La Cigale

July, 8th - Show @ O2D Party

June, 27st - Review @ The Electricity Club [UK]

June, 19th - Interview @ Estacion Terminal

June, 17th - Interview @ Que Sea lo que el Rock Quiera

June, 1st - Interview @ Kedamos Asi

May, 24th - Show @ Disco Killer Party Party [Buenos Aires]

May, 07th - EUROTOUR 2011 - Show @ Poptimistic Party [London]

May, 05th - EUROTOUR 2011 - Show @ Catwalk Club [Barcelona]

May, 05th - Interview @ CreativaT [Barcelona]

April, 22th - EUROTOUR 2011 - Show @ CCCP Klub [Berlin]

April, 20th - EUROTOUR 2011 - Show @ King Kong Klub [Berlin]

April, 16th - EUROTOUR 2011 - Show @ Superkronik [Leipzig]

April, 4th - Voy a Buscarte EP presentation @ La Cigale

April, 4th - 'Voy a Buscarte' EP available for FREE Digital Download

February, 16th - Two new virtual stores for Moving Under: now also available at Beatport and iTunes


December, 24th - Show @ Reactor

October, 16th - Show @ Prana 2 [Live broadcasted by 'Abrochen Sus Cinturones']

October, 15th - Show @ Casa Brandon

September, 22nd - Interview @ Kedamos Asi

July, 31st -  Show @ El Amador

July, 1st - Show @ Ultra bar

June, 12th - Review @ Technodisco (Italy)

May, 31st - Show @ La Cigale

May, 20th - Moving Under, Cosaquitos en Gobo's second album is released by Black Leather Records

May, 13th - Show @ Crobar

May -  Interview @ CMTV

May, 6th - Review @ Creativa Radio

May, 3rd - Review @ Semanario Argentino (MIAMI)

May, 1st - Presentation of Deformed Frames (Videoclip compilation by CINERS) @ Electrohead  Party

March, 9th - Show @ Extra#o Martes [La castorera]

Februaryr, 5th - Show @ Summer in da Oven [Casa Brandon]

Februaryr, 1st - Moving Under, Cosaquitos en Globo's second album, available @ Audioclic for digital sale

January,16th - Interview @ EW Radio - Show 'Last Night a DJ Saved My Life'

January - Video-interview @ Superficial Mag


December, 31st - Show @ Stand Up 2010 Party

December, 16th - Show @ Casa Brandon

December, 14th - Show @ La Cigale

November, 07th - Show @ Fiesta Eyeliner

October - Interview @ Wicked Mag

October 26th - Interview @ Sonic FM - Show: Sick Beats

October - Interview @ PlanArte

September, 24th - Show @ Prana

August, 30th - Show @ Kite Beach

August, 26th - Show @ Soul Cafe

July, 9th - Show @ Soul Cafe

July, 7th - Interview @ Remaro Music

June, 29th - Show @ La Cigale

June 20 th - Interview @ FM Rock And Pop - Show: Keep Rockin'

June, 11th - Show @ Soul Cafe

Interview @ El Altillo Under

May, 15th - "BLR020 Cosaquitos en Globo Out of Presence EP" is released by Black Leather Records for digital sell. The EP includes Out of Presence [Cosaquitos en Globo club mix + Strange Connection mix + Synthdrome mix]

May, 6th - Show @ Soul Cafe

May 2nd - Interview @ Radio Quasar - Show: 'Estamos en After'

April, 26th - Show @ Pop For Export [Libario]

April, 23rd - Interview @ Indie Pop Radio - Show: 'En el Medio de la Escena'

April, 9th - Interview @ Leftdance

March, 19th - Show @ RevoluziOnline

March, 13th - Show @ Código País Fest

Februaryr, 05th - Show @ Pop For Export [Libario]


December, 06th - Show @ Plasma

November - "Southern Electro Originals" compilation, including Cosaquitos en Globo's 'Out of Presence', is released by Eternal Sunday Records

November, 17 - Interview @ E-Zignal

November, 2nd - Show @ FM Freeway 90.7 - Show: 'No es Tan Tarde"

September, 27th - Show @ One Dot Zero [Centro Cultural Recoleta]

September, 26th - Show @ Music is High [Uniclub]

September, 5th - Show @ One Day Gallery II [Galeria Barraca Vorticista]

September, 2nd - Interview @ KSK Radio FM101.9 - Show: 'New Beat"

August, 30th - Show @ Hippie House Electro Party

August, 1st - Show @ Cooper del Bajo

May, 30th - NYC Cosaquitos en Globo CD Release Party, by ONE

May, 2nd - Show @ Ciclo Epa [Live!]

April, 3rd - Show @ Proyecto Arcadia [Teatro de la Divina Comedia]

March, 2nd - Show @ Ciclo Bisagra 08 [Plasma]


November, 16th - Show @ Variette Psico [Plasma]

November, 8th - Interview @ Avantt Mag

October, 12th - Show @ Estelares pop [Casa Brandon]

October - Cosaquitos en Globo first arlbum digital version is released by Eternal Sunday Records

July, 28th - Show @ Downtown Hostel B.A.

June - Cosaquitos en Globo version of Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (are made of this)", released in 2006 in "Southern Waves" compilation by Eternal Sunday Records, is available on iTunes

April - "DNR007 Cosaquitos en Globo Fantasy EP" is released by Dirty Noise Records for digital sell in Europe, US and South America.  The EP includes "Fantasy" [Cosaquitos en Globo Original Mix + Lethargy Mix + Cute Heels Mix]

February - Cosaquitos en Globo's first album is released in Mexico by Isaac Junkie Records


December,16th - Show @ Remember Pub

November,25th - Show @ Nuevas Movidas Party

November, 17th - The ePop Esencial electropop compiled CD from Chile, including "Fantasy" (Cosaquitos en Globo) was released.

October - Southern Waves (Argentine tribute to classic electropop from the 80's) including Cosaquitos en Globo's version of Eurhythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are made of This)" was released by Eternal Sunday Records.

September, 23rd - The ePop101 electropop compiled CD from Chile, including "Fantasy" (Cosaquitos en Globo) was released

August, 20th - Show @ Freeway FM 94.5 - Show: 'No es Tan Tarde" - 10 PM - Host: Samanta

August, 11th - Interview at Universidad Nacional de la Matanza FM 89.1 - Show: 'Que sea lo que el Rock Quiera" - 9 PM

July, 13th - Cosaquitos en Globo's version of 'Sweet Dreams (are made of this)' is included in an Eternal Sunday Records compiled CD, called 'Southern Waves' [a tribute to the 70's and 80's electropop], which is due to be released by October this year

July, 10th - Cosaquitos en Globo arrives at Bio Discos net label.

June, 11th - Interview @ Freeway FM  94.5 - Show: 'No es Tan Tarde" (Sat/9 to 11 PM)

May, 13th - Show at Remember Pub

April, 28th - Interview @ La Rocka FM 97.5 (Cordoba) - Show: 'Cualquiera' (Mon-Fri/8 to 11 PM)  Host: Carlos Julio Carballo

Show @ Casa Babylon (Cordoba)

April, 15th - Interview @ Fenix FM 93.1 - Show: 'Electronic Lab'

(Sat/8 to 9 PM) - Host: Seiran DJ's

April, 8th - Web of Cosaquitos en Globo online

April, 6th - Show @ Liberarte

March, 2nd - Interview @  'Nuevas Movidas'


December, 6th - Interview at Freeway FM 94.5 -Show: 'Venis Por Mi' (Mon-Fri/2 to 4 PM) Host: Gustavo Cibreiro

November - An Alerta!Discos compiled CD named 'LA NOCHE de San Juan', including 'Fantasy' y 'Sin Mirar' (Cosaquitos en Globo), is released

November, 26th - Show @ Bauen Hotel

November, 13th - Show @ Locomondo Bar

November, 12th - Show @ Arlequin

October, 15th - Show @ Casa Brandon

October, 13th - Interview @ En Transito FM 93.9 - Show: 'No Tan Distintos' (Mon-Fri/1 to 5 PM)  Host: Daniel Torocool & DiYei Matiuss

October, 6th - Show @ Muy Paris Cafe (Buenos Aires City)

September, 19th - Show @ Polideportivo Gorki Grana within the context of  'Semana  Joven'  spring festival organized by the City of Moron.

February, 10th - Show @ Pontevedra [Pontevedra City/Buenos Aires State]

February, 2nd - Critic @ 'Musica Nacional'

January, 9th - Interview @ 103.3  FM [San Bernardo City/Buenos Aires State] - Show: 'Cafe del Sol'